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In my attempts to sort out the particulars of using all the amazing tools that SBI! has provided, it has been a great benefit for me to have taken the SBI! Setup course from Kenneth Doyle. 


I had gotten stuck at the point where many SBIers get stuck, namely, attempting to proceed beyond the Brainstorm It! keyword analysis. Kenneth assisted me to get over quite a sticking point in my own mind, after almost one year, by presenting the overall picture to me concerning the matter of your site being a story rather than getting inordinately affixiated on single keywords’ “profitability.” 


I had read much in the forums, also helpful, but what Kenneth revealed to me was all I needed to go forward, get going and keep going.


Kenneth’s thorough overview on the components within Site Central has also been extremely helpful, for example, in understanding about keywords, and the concept of positioning within your chosen theme or niche as you build your pages in Site Build It!  Especially important is grasping the concept of pleasing your human visitors while satisfying the Search Engines.  Many thanks again, Kenneth!