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 As and SBI setup student I highly recommend taking lessons with Kenneth Doyle, a certified web master.


It makes such a difference having a real, live person taking you through the steps of building your own SBI web site. In fact, I think it is essential in the setting up of your SBI site. It is so important to set these pages up properly, and I have really benefited from the very best guidance and tutoring.

Kenneth has his students build a new page, a form, set up the link library, graphic library etc, all under his instruction. We can take notes and then follow it step by step. But, the best thing is that we can actually record these lessons, so we can go back and listen to them time and time again.

The information that I had read and listened to in the online SBI tutorials suddenly fell into place. It was 'Ah YES'.

An SBI web site can change our lives because they work so well, but they do need to be 'right'. I encourage everyone to take classes with Kenneth. The money spent was well worth it, well spent. It was the best decision I have made about my SBI site and building my online business.