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The contents of this article are not intended as an alternative to conventional medicine and you must take professional medical advice on all aspects dealing with cancer. The information in this article is intended for use for preventive measures, or as an adjunct to conventional treatment with the knowledge of your medical doctor. If you currently have cancer, it is recommended that you also consult a suitably qualified nutritionist or herbalist, with your doctor's knowledge, before embarking on an extensive programme. None of the advice in this book is appropriate for children.

Thanks to...My husband Laurence for his patience while home life took second place to producing this manuscript, and for being a fierce and eagle-eyed editor; Mr Mike Hudson, breast cancer surgeon at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, for giving me invaluable advice on all things medical; Marjorie Green for encouraging, and haranguing, me throughout my career as a nutritionist and without whom this article probably would not have had its genesis; Fiona Jenkins for her commitment to finding every last statistic and piece of research I needed and working way beyond the call of duty; Mr Dudley Sinnett and The Royal Marsden Hospital for giving me back one of my nine lives ten years ago; my parents Mo and Cy Endfield and my sister Eden Endfield for being there when I needed them most.